miercuri, 6 iulie 2016

Moving in a new city is such a headache

It happened to me for the first time in my early childhood, I was only 6 years and I barely remember the moment when my parents decided to move to a bigger, richer city, ion order to search for beter paying jobs and for a better life for them and for their kids as well.

I can tell you for sure that this has not easy at all, with all the new people, with all the people that they know and that now they were very far away, with all the problems related to finding work and all kind of other problems as well.

This means that moving into a new city when you already have kids can and will certainly be a very tough decision, a thing that is very hard to do for everyone, especially the ones that already have a family, furniture, friends, memories in another place that they are leaving behind - so it will be extremely hard for anyone to adapt, especially if the new places are very different from the ones that you are leaving behind.

Now... after 30 years I am on the road again, trying to build a life for myself, along with my girlfriend we decided to go in another city, although our lives very pretty decent here and we had our own house, cars and whatever people need to be happy.

The decision to sell our house was very hard in the beginning, as it was basically impossible to find someone interested, but after we used a very nice virtual tour creator software, that was not expensive at all ww managed to create a nice listing for our house and we managed to sell it for a very nice fee